Considering how often most of the country has to be in front of screens for work and school, you would think we would want to disconnect afterwards. That is not the case.

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According to study conducted by, people in Wyoming average about one hour and eighteen minutes a day in front of some type of computer screen for fun. The study also stated:

Without even including time at work, watching TV, or playing games, the results reveal state-by-state that Americans spend from 45 minutes to over 3 hours a day online.

US Map of Average Screen Times

That is a little disturbing. Keep in mind, these are the averages for each state. There are plenty of folks that spend way more time online. Also keep in mind, that video games and television were a separate calculation, so it is very easily conceivable that these numbers could be closer to twice the national average (possibly even higher than that). Television screens after all are in fact, still a screen, as are smartphones and tablets.

The Cowboy State is better as whole, as we have plenty of outdoor activities throughout all four seasons, like hunting, skiing and snowboarding. That being said, I know I'm guilty of spending at least two hours a day, outside of work, looking at my phone, usually scrolling through social media and probably another two to three hours watching television or streaming movies.

What would our forefather's think about how we spend our free time?

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