Imagine getting a gift from someone who passed away.  Your first thought would be that someone else did it for them, right? ( that would be a nice gesture)  Finding out that the gift actually was from the person  who passed would seem impossible, right?  Yesterday, a friend of mine shared a beautiful story on her Facebook page.  With her permission, I knew I just had to share with you. Ashley's Dad, Jim Golay passed away last June after a long battle of Cancer.

Here is the story from Ashley's Facebook Page

"My Dad was truly one of a kind. When Valentine's Day flowers showed up for my mom today, with a card signed "yours forever, love Jim", she started looking for the sender. A call to the flower shop finally revealed that it was really him. My dad knew his battle with cancer was an uphill battle and somewhere between believing with all our hearts and hitting our knees he was making sure she would be taken care of if things didn't have the fairy tale ending we were praying for. That's true love in it's purest form. Happy Valentines Day in heaven daddy, I'm sure it's beautiful there."


Ashley said it best..."True Love In It's Purest Form."  What an amazing gift.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.  Never take those you love for granted and always tell them you love them.  Every. Single. Day.