So I'm sure by now you're sick of seeing pictures of Wrigley, and hearing me talk about her, but October is National Pit Bull Awareness month, and the more posts and things I see in my newsfeed about it, the more proud I am to have a sweet Pit Bull/Boxer Mix in my life. Wrigley is only 7 months old but she's already taught me so much.

Here are 15 important lessons my dog has taught me.

1) Get plenty of sleep

2) Get to bed on time

3) Dress appropriately for cold weather

4) Spend time with your best friend

5) Work out and take care of yourself

6) Just relax

7) Family is most important (this is her "aunt Bailey" our family dog, she's my other sweet girl!)

8) If all else fails, take a nap

9) Sharing is important

10) Clean up after yourself

11) Fun adventures are just a car ride away

(a loud truck scared her and she wedged herself between the seats haha this isn't normal)

12) Party hard

13) Get off the computer and go outside

14) Take full advantage of holidays

15) Take good care of the ones you love

What are some lessons your dog has taught you?!