You know when you’re nearing Halloween when everything you watch is either gory, or downright stupid, in a nightmarish sort of way, including what you see in the theaters.  This weekend is no exception!

You still have the over the top glorified sequel to “Machete” in this comic book based flick where you never know what’s going to happen next in “Machete Kills.”  You can also catch the haunted house thriller playing at the Lincoln Theater called “The Conjuring.” But now you have a remake of a cult classic in theaters this weekend, Stephen King’s “Carrie!”

Now I have to admit, the original, was somewhat cheesy, but also a bit scary, and of course bloody, it has to be if Stephen King has anything to do with it.  But in this remake, Carrie White, originally played by Sissy Spacek, is said to be more in-depth, while her fanatic over the top religious mother, now played by Julianne Moore is even more over the top than the original.  However some say that they tried a little too hard to exceed in remaking this cult classic.  I for one will probably stick to the original.

One of the movies that used to scare me to death was Stephen King’s “The Shining.”   I’m not talking about the remake of the movie that was actually filmed in the hotel that inspired Stephen to write the story in the first place, “The Stanley Hotel, in Estes Park, Colorado, but the original featuring the ever so zany and freakish Jack Nicholson.  Who better to play a character that looses it after being in seclusion?  And who better to play his neurotic and oh so nervous wife who can barely put a cohesive sentence together out of fear for the life of her son, as well as herself, then Shelley Duvall?  Can you say “Red Rum?”

Another one that completely flipped me out was the original film “The Hills Have Eyes.”  I couldn’t sleep for a week after sneaking out of the house to see that one at the midnight movies.  And then there’s always “The Exorcist.”  Sure it might have type cast Linda Blair, but it definitely put her on the map, as well as put her gory character in our nightmares.

What horror movies scared you the most?