I had the honor of being at Rocky Mountain Oncology's Cancer Survivor day on Friday, where I met the most impressive group of 9 and 10 year old kids. Tyler Kessel, Ethan Green, Danielle Sharp, Andrew Sharp, Reagan Camp, Thomas Sullivan, Bryce Hebert, and Caelynne Hebert. This impressive assembly has formed their own relay for life team to raise money for research and bring awareness to cancer. Their team captain, Tyler Kessel, has personally been touched by the tragedy of cancer. He lost his grandfather and his adopted Grandmother to this devistating disease.

Team member, Danielle Sharp, lovingly donated twelve inches of her hair to create hair peices for cancer patients. It was very important to Danielle and her mother, Ivonne, that the group Danielle's hair went didn't charge their clients and through dilligent research they were able to find an orginization.

Ethan Green wrote the mission statement for the team, when I was ten, I don't think I knew what a mission statement was, let alone write one! The best part of Ehan's mission statement is "we are small we are mighty", and that is exactly what this group of impressive kid is...

Our Mission is: As a team we will persevere to make money to help fight cancer.  We will never give up. We are dedicated to help find a cure. Even though we are small we are mighty.

Support their efforts by stopping by, 1481 Kingsbury Drive, June 14th from 8:00 to 1:00, for their first Bake sale, Craft and Yard sale. Also, check out their Lemonade sale at, Girl in Air, on July 19th.