With plenty of delivery options these days, you can even have steak brought right to your door.

If you've ever walked through the meat section at the grocery store and can't find any steaks that are appealing to you, what are you supposed to do?

You've seen commercials for online steak companies that advertise nationally, Omaha Steaks, Chicago Steak Company, Butcher Box and Holy Grail Steak Company are a few of the more popular ones. The problem, it's hard to support Wyoming ranchers and business when you order from these companies.

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The good news is, just because you order your steaks online it doesn't mean you can't support Wyoming. In 2015, Wyoming became the first state to pass the 'Food Freedom Act' law, which allows farmers and ranchers to sell directly to consumers. Montana, Utah, North Dakota and Oklahoma have all followed the Cowboy State.

Steak deliver states

In 2020, an 'animal share' amendment was added to allow Wyomingites to buy individual cuts of meat directly from ranchers. The law was a first of it's kind and gave another option to ranchers and Wyoming meat companies.

Basically what that means is that you can go directly to a Wyoming rancher and not have to buy the whole cow. So when you're looking to have steaks delivered right to your door, you can buy them here in Wyoming.

Here are some of the places you can order steak online from a Wyoming company

Truly Beef

Wyoming Pure Natural Beef

Wyoming Legacy Meats

307 Meat Company

Wyoming Authentic Gourmet Beef

Star Valley Meat Block

Of course you can always visit local Wyoming butcher shops to get your Wyoming raised beef.

Franks Butcher Shop

Brattis Meat Market

Support Wyoming Beef.

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