Is there a conspiracy in place to make sure Blake Shelton isn't presenting four winning trophies to blind audition contestants next year on NBC's The Voice? Let's face it, three consecutive wins can be a deciding factor when choosing a team and Blake doesn't let anyone forget it in his delightfully charming Southern way. 

Some would say yes after this past Tuesday's show (October 22, 2013). Two of the six final battle rounds were from Team Blake and they were given limited screen time.

It could be a maneuver to make sure Blake's team isn't seen as much as others, so the at home viewing audience and voting public don't get to know them as well or become invested in their success. Not one, but two of his battle pairings were reduced to a montage instead of the full storied background and rehearsal footage seen for most contestants.

Even mentor Cher was only given a few quick sound bites.

Check out the footage and tell us what you think. Is Blake the victim of a conspiracy? Only time will tell with the knockout rounds starting next week and the coaches having the chance at one last steal!

FYI: We don't actually think that Adam Levine sabotaged Blake's chair earlier in the season...much!