Harry Styles has the world — and most of its women and girls within it — at his feet. And luckily for us, Styles’ best friend is saying the One Direction singer really wants to settle down with a good girl.

Will Sweeney, Styles’ childhood BFF, told The Daily Mirror, “I do know Harry’s looking for a relationship, he’s told me that.” And it’s not with any of the famous ladies he’s often linked to in the press, either. “He’s always out mixing with celebrities and going to all these parties with different girls, but it’s lonely for him and not what he wants,” Sweeney said. Awww, Harry!

“That’s just not really the kind of guy he is,” Sweeney explained. “He’s very ­sentimental and emotional and he always goes the extra mile for any ­girlfriend he has.” Um, where do we sign up?

Sweeney added that Hazza wants someone he can confide in who’s there for more than just the elbow-rubbing with celebs and fame. “When he goes to these parties with these girls, they’re just there for the night, and you have fun and a good time but that’s the end of it. He wants a ­relationship much more than parties and stuff.”

We will be more than happy to stay in and drink tea (or, you know, Coronas) with Styles in his new pad (even if it’s haunted!). And if you’re not a cougar, his pal reveals, you still have a fair shot with him! When Styles was in school, he didn’t chase after older ladies — at least as far as Sweeney knows. “They were normal ages,” he said. “And he never had ­hundreds of girls. … He’s a cheeky-chappie type and often girls just ­wanted to cuddle him,” Sweeney said.

Um, we still want to cuddle with him! Especially after Sweeney revealed what types of girls Styles goes for. “He didn’t ever go for looks, it was always about a girl’s person­ality. He talked about how a girl seemed like a nice ­person, not what her body was like. It’s what’s inside the person that ­matters to Harry.”  Sounds like Will Sweeney has been taking wingman tips from Styles’ bandmate, Louis Tomlinson.

Okay, so Harry Styles is hot, talented and sensitive? Hot damn — we doubt he’s going to have any trouble finding anyone who wants to settle down with him now!

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