I will be off to Denver here soon and am always looking for some good food to try. Do you know of a good spot to grab some food in Denver?

I love the internet for this exact thing. You are able to ask a large number of people one question and get some great things to try and check out by doing so. So I have been to a few good spots and not so good spots in Denver. Sushi Lodo was nice and they had a fun old school hip-hop themed night. Jax Oyster bar was good and a bar called Inferno was yummy too. Good steakhouse maybe?

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Has anyone tried Tacos, Tequila and Whiskey? Sounds like that would be up my alley... and I've been to Casa Bonita about 20 times in my life so that's one I probably will pass on this time, but if you know of any good Mexican food in Denver let me know.

Charene herrera TSM