If you're in Wyoming, there's a good chance you came here once, fell in love with the state and vowed to make your way back.

That's my story.

Vacation when I was 12 years old is when I vowed to come back, it only took 32 years to make it back.

Country singer/songwriter Chase Rice has spent lots of time over the last couple of years here in the Cowboy State.  Hunting, fishing and vacationing with his family have all been part of his growing fondness of the state.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't too long ago he was here on a family vacation.

He just celebrated his birthday this week here in Wyoming. More specifically, in Kaycee at Chris LeDoux park paying his respects to the late Wyoming legend.

In his post of Facebook, Chase mentioned he just ran out of gas in Kaycee, Wyoming and spent his birthday there. This makes you wonder if he actually ran out of gas or if he'd been driving a long way and his body was out of gas...either way, he was able to check out LeDoux Park.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, he mentioned he's on his way to go hunting in Colorado, but looked like he was stopped with an issue with his travel trailer. While he was stopped, he was taking the chance to get his hunting gear ready for the upcoming hunt.

It's fun to know that Chase has spent lots of time this summer here with us in Wyoming. Thanks for coming, Chase. Next time hit us up.

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