Jay-Z has been slapped with a lawsuit by the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York. Apparently Hov was late paying a fine for not providing employee insurance for his domestic help.

According to TMZ, the suit claims the rap mogul failed to compensate his domestic help — housekeepers, cooks, chauffeurs, etc. — with workers’ insurance for three months in 2009. For those lapses in payments, Jay was hit with a $18,000 fine. Since then, he has secured the right insurance and the matter was rectified. However, Jay forgot to pay the fine.

The government agency is suing Jay to claim their $18,000 and a court has ordered the ‘Watch the Throne’ rapper to pay up. A rep for Jay-Z insists that the rap mogul has not been late with workers’ compensation payments and the outstanding bill was a result of an administrative error.

We guess that when you’re a busy artist like Jay-Z, minor bills like this are sometimes overlooked in accounting. Since Hov and Kanye West reportedly got paid $6 million for performing at a Sweet 16 party, we think Jay won’t have a problem cutting a check so this matter can be resolved swiftly and quietly.