What the world thought was a clean break from ex-husband Marc Anthony, has turned into something much deeper and darker for triple threat Jennifer Lopez.

The singer-dancer-actress told Page Six of the New York Post that during filming of her new movie 'Parker,' she suffered from depression, something she had been suffering from since her split from Anthony back in 2011.

"It was so hard to get out of bed to go to the set. I was going through one of the hardest moments of my life with my separation and with the kids and everything,” she said to the paper.

Lopez, who plays a divorced real estate agent named Leslie Rogers in the film, managed to find quite the parallel between her faux life in 'Parker,' and her real life as a newly divorced mother of two.

"It was very difficult. In front of the kids and at work you have to be so professional and so up for your children in that moment," continued the star. "I was lucky to be in front of the cameras and act exactly how I felt.”

While the role as agent Rogers may have allowed Lopez to act precisely how she wanted based on her at-home issues, she unfortunately won't be getting much praise for her part.

'Parker,' which opened in theaters on Jan. 25, has received only mixed reviews from critics and only managed to score 35% positive reviews online.

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