Jennifer Lopez got her start as a Fly Girl on ‘Living Color’ so it’s no shock that she revisits her old school dance roots in her fast and furious video for ‘Goin’ In.’

Lopez is a goddess, rocking bedazzled, hot pink diamond-encrusted lips which look more like works of art than things you kiss, and a silky, flowing magenta cape with a hood. She is also surrounded by what looks like white wolves in this opening sequence. But within 30 seconds, Jenny From the Block rears her head, dancing like a (talented) maniac in a cropped top, capri pants, sneakers and a cap.

Yes, Lopez’s famous abs get equal screen time, as does her even more famous derriere. It’s a dance video through and through and it’s J. Lo doing what she did first and that’s grooving out on the dance floor.

The song is a club banger and the video carries that theme, complete with lots of bright lights and colors. It’s as though La Lopez is hosting a special party at a club and she’s the evening’s high-profile entertainment.

There’s a car on hydraulics and footage from ‘Step Up Revolution,’ since the song is featured on the film’s soundtrack. A shirtless, tattooed and stacked Flo Rida shows up to crash the party, since he features on the song. He’s a full service guest, getting in on the action, using his hands, feet and his face. He’s so expressive when he dances.

Overall, it’s a fast-paced, visually spastic dance video from J to the Lo.