Oh, J. Lo. You ruined a perfectly good pair of white leather pants, which are of course the most practical thing in the world when you are a Latin diva with a faboo wardrobe and a bank account to match.

It looks like Jennifer Lopez needs to be a little more careful with her coffee. The singer had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction – but not the fun kind, like where boobies show or nipples are slipped -- while dressed in all white at her media call Down Under in Australia on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Her sexy leather ensemble was quickly taken down a stylistic notch, since she had three circular brown stains on the front of her pants. Looks like she spilled her java and right on her crotch, no less. There was no hiding those stains, and it's not like she could pull out one of those Tide pens and erase the offending marks.

Didn't she learn you have to be careful when wearing white?

The rest of Lopez's outfit was banging, though! We love the long-sleeved top, and she wore a pretty pair of lace-covered Valentino pumps. Let's hope she didn't step on gum or snap one of those heels and ruin the shoes like she did the pants.

Scott Barbour (2), Getty Images

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