In the world's most Capt'n Obvious move, British darling Olly Murs has confirmed what the entire world already knows and what Mario Lopez of 'X Factor' spilled the beans about recently. You ready? Wait for it, wait for it… Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction are dating!

You don't say. Didn't the photos of them holding hands or the pulling 'Dirty Dancing' moves at an afterparty convince you of their couplehood?

The adorbs Murs actually confirmed the news in the cutest way.

He was playing the "Kill, Marry or Snog" game, where he has to assign one of those activities to three different ladies. If you're not up on the British slang, snog is, well, the no-pants dance, to borrow a phrase from Ron Burgundy!

Murs had to chose between killing, marrying or snogging Florence Welch, Swift or Pink.

While he said he couldn't kill anyone since he is not the killing type, he changed the rules to "avoid" instead of kill.

What Murs said is below:

I would avoid Taylor because she is dating one of my friends, she is going out with Harry Styles, so I couldn't obviously go near Taylor because that's his missus.

And there you have it.

Directioners, back away from the sharp objects and from the ledges. Do not hurl yourselves into oncoming traffic at Murs' use of the word "missus." That's another British term for "lady love." Swift and Styles aka Haylor are not married, as that term might suggest, so chillax, please.

We know the confirmation (along with the photos of them holding hands) is a bitter enough pill to swallow. But don't do anything rash.

Be happy that Harry is happy.

Watch Olly Murs Confirm Taylor Swift + Harry Styles Romance