We're glad Olly Murs feels the same way as we do about Demi Lovato and Britney Spears being judges on 'X Factor.' It's like we share one mind!

Murs knows a think or two about the reality show. He competed on the U.K. version back in 2009 and it helped launch his career, so now he feels compelled to put his two cents in on singing sensation Lovato and our queen of queen's Spears -- because, you know, he's an expert after all.

"She's one of the biggest artists that we've ever had. What she's achieved musically is amazing and I think this just gives her a new string to her bow," he said of Spears to MTV. "And I think that if there's anyone that could judge someone on the 'X Factor,' she's qualified to do it. Let's be honest, also, she's had her ups and downs in the industry as well, so it's going to be exciting to see how she copes with it all as well and how she gets on."

And as for Lovato? Well, he admits that he's not too caught up on Lovato and isn't all that familiar, but based on what he's heard, he likes her!

"Demi Lovato, I mean, I don't know too much about Demi, but hearing about her from the States and hearing about her from the likes of One Direction speaking about her, obviously she's a very lovely girl, fun," he said. She's obviously a great singer and great performer as well. ... And we all know what Simon [Cowell] brings to the table and L.A. Reid."

Note that he mentioned One Direction talking about Demi -- we bet it was Niall Horan doing the blabbing!