When funnyman (and avid golfer) Jimmy Fallon spoke to Golf Digest for the cover story of their June 2014 issue, he revealed that he was going to conduct a ridiculous golf prank on his good pal (and one-time golfing buddy) Justin Timberlake.

"You know how you can personalize your golf balls? Well, I ordered some balls that say J. Timberlake," Fallon told the magazine, after he recalled the time that he and the 'Mirrors' singer played a course in the Hamptons. "I'm gonna play all the courses that he plays so when I shank them into the woods, people will find them and think he hit them there."

And don't just think that was a comedic embellishment for the magazine -- no, Fallon really did go through with his plan, posting the evidence on Instagram.

"Just got my personalized golf balls in," Fallon captioned the photo of a ball customized with the name 'J. Timberlake,' just like he said. "Now, when I hit them into the woods, I can find them. Or not. #hashtag."

And as for Justin Timberlake's reaction to the prank?

He re-grammed the photo on his own Instagram account, writing: "So funny, @jimmyfallon. I was just telling someone how my name was on your balls."

Ha! Who really won the prank here?

Check out Jimmy Fallon's Instagram shot of his 'J. Timberlake' golf ball below!