Jonas Brothers fans were shocked and bummed when they cancelled their tour, citing a "deep rift within the band." While that explanation sounds shady, it may be a euphemism for a bigger problem: Joe Jonas is rumored to be dealing with addiction issues.

Drug rumors come on the heels of Joe being spotted with an addiction specialist named Mike Bayer -- the same guy who shadowed Joe's ex, Demi Lovato, after her infamous dancer punching breakdown on tour with JoBros in 2010. Bayer was seen walking out of a recording studio with Jonas on Thursday afternoon (Oct. 10).

When cameras caught up with Jonas to ask what was up with the band and whether or not they're splitting up, Jonas glared at the paps and simply said, "Shut up." Ouch!

The only bright side of Joe's possible health issues? They may save the band from losing millions of dollars on the heels of the tour cancellation. MTV reports that a "deep rift within the band" isn't covered by insurance as a valid reason to cancel a tour -- and that if the band's spokesperson's rationale is true, it could cost them a pretty penny from promoters.

"If they canceled because they had a rift within the band, that's something that's not insurable, because that's within their control," Carol Thornhill, insurance broker at Robertson Taylor explained. "There is no insurance that is going to respond to something that is within their control." Thornhill noted that insurance policies cover things like medical emergencies and natural disasters, "not to profit from cancellations, but put them back where they were." She also explained how the biz works. "If an artist had, say, $2 million of cost and expenses on a tour, they're going to want to insure for that if the tour is canceled. The same goes for a promoter like Live Nation; they can also take out a policy on a tour, because they want to insure it in case something happens. After all, they've outlaid a considerable about of money."

Translation? The JoBros rift must be really serious for them to take such a huge financial hit.