Introducing the 'Aircheck Challenge'. The premise is simple. Go back and experience your earliest work at whatever you do. For me, I forced myself to listen to my cringe-worthy first little bit of radio broadcasting. If you're in TV, go back and watch some of your early footage and so-on. Good luck!

An aircheck is recorded audio that you can listen to so you know what you sound like when you're on the air.

I didn't include my college radio airchecks because we had creative freedom to do pretty much whatever we wanted.

In this instance, it's my first on-air shift as the third guy on a morning radio show on KFFM in my hometown of Yakima. I sound like I have zero energy and marbles in my mouth. It's amazing to think that I still have a job in radio after listening to this.

I also did this for Autism Awareness as autism is a faceless condition, much like radio is faceless, being behind a microphone.

I challenge you do so something similar. If you make things, evaluate your first air pieces, listen to some of your first recorded songs, watch your first YouTube videos. What an amazing journey to see where you are now from what you were doing back then, but you just keep moving and improving.