Nick Jonas made it clear a few months ago that he was in talks for a judging gig on ‘American Idol.’ While he seemed pretty enthusiastic about the gig, it fell through. He doesn’t mind, though, because it gives him more time to focus on his first love: the Jonas Brothers!

Nick revealed that the fallout with ‘Idol’ was mainly just a matter of poor timing, telling MTV News, “I think it’s one of those things where it wasn’t right on both sides.” He added diplomatically, “I think the panel they have is pretty solid; it’s going to be highly entertaining.”

Nick’s brothers poked gun at the Nicki Minaj-Mariah Carey feud that’s been brewing the past few weeks. “It seems they all hate each other already, so it’s perfect,” Joe laughed. Kevin added, “Exactly what you want in life.”

As for the new record, the guys are hard at work making it perfect — and deep. Nick told MTV, “The vibe right now that we’re trying to create, we’ve kind of a really memorable and a career we’re really thankful for up until this time, [and now we're] hoping to create an experience for our fans that is really personal and shows a little bit deeper look into what our lives have been like, as far as lyric.” (Hello, Miley Cyrus and ‘Wedding Bells!’)  ”But, musically we’re trying to push ourselves and continue to grow and get better.”

Kevin was quick to point out that despite the buzz for ‘Wedding Bells’ and two other new tracks, ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘First Time,’ they haven’t picked an official single or release dates just yet. ”No, actually, we don’t [have any release dates yet,] but hopefully soon, it’s kind of the kickoff so … check back in!”

Watch the Jonas Brothers Talk About ‘American Idol’