It looks as though Katy Perry is still on that disastrous trip-to-nowhere known as dating John Mayer. The on-again, off-again, on-again couple were spotted out on Tuesday night dining in New York City for Mayer's 35th birthday.

But anyone expecting drunken antics or a messy public break-up was sadly disappointed.

Perry, dressed in a demure flowered dress, and Mayer, who seems to be taking fashion tips from Blaine on 'Glee,' were joined by about a dozen friends and Mayer's dad Richard. The group had quite a lengthy celebration, but alas, there was no debauchery to be found.

"It was a very tame and civil," said an onlooker to Us Weekly. "They talked and laughed but nobody got crazy. Everyone looked like they were having fun. John seemed happy."

Scandalous. (Also an insider account that could've described anyone in the restaurant.)

Before birthday festivities began, though, the duo were together over the weekend for a number of events: He showed up during her private performance at Best Buy Theater, and then they went out for dinner and drinks.

Man, these two are dull. Any chance we could get Russell Brand back?