Horror movies are one of my favorite genres, especially around Halloween. Maybe that's why I got so excited when I saw the first trailer for Get Out.

'Get Out' is a rarity in the horror genre for having a black lead character. It's often joked about that you don't see many black people in horror flicks and even when you do, they're normally the first (or among the first) to die. This movie revolves around an interracial relationship and is a semi-satirical take on the classic film, The Stepford Wives.

Another shocker about 'Get Out' was that it was written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele (Key and Peele, Keanu, MADTv). I am not a big fan of his at all, but if this movie is even half as good as the trailer makes it look, I might become one soon. I even posted my thoughts on Twitter about the film, so you can imagine my shock when Peele himself actually liked my tweet!

Jordan Peele Likes Tweet
DJ Nyke / Townsquare Media

'Get Out' is scheduled to hit theaters February 24th, 2017. Will you be checking this one out?

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