Justin Bieber got his butt kicked…again.

Months after a beaten, battered and bloodied Biebs appeared on the cover of Complex, he’s up to his sanguine tricks again, this time on the ‘As Long as You Love Me’ video shoot. Director Anthony Mandler tweeted a photo of The Biebs from the set and he’s sporting some more facial wounds. Ouch!

In his caption accompanying the photo, Mandler posted: “It’s a story of love,” and The Biebs’ manager Scooter Braun referred to the video as a “short film” that will be “next level” in a tweet. While it’s Braun’s job to create hype and get us excited for the video, it’s the arresting image that really has us itching to see the end result. Nice work, gentlemen. Our curiosity is beyond aroused.

The Biebs is going big in this video, judging from the comments of his director and is manager. We don’t doubt that the clip for his new single will be beyond epic, but we do wince upon seeing our Boy Wonder with a split lip and a bloodied nose.

It’s an image that will no doubt have Beliebers wanting to nurse him cuts and scrapes. We all know that love is painful and it can hurt worse than being punched in the face repeatedly, but it appears that The Biebs is using his vid to really prove that point.

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