Justin Bieber, dressed in blue kicks, leather jacket and a skinny tie, which is a look that harks back to the ’80s, appeared as the couch guest on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ last night (March 27), alongside Ashton Kutcher. The Biebs and the Kutch fist-bumped when they sat down for their chat, like bros! The terrific twosome was promoting MTV’s resurrected ‘Punk’d’ series, which Kutcher once hosted and which will now feature Bieber as one of the guest hosts for the re-launch.

Kutcher said that the ‘Boyfriend’ singer was stealing his swagger, referencing the house he was renting that the teen was scoping out and considering buying. He shared a story about The Biebs in the house, texting Kutcher, offering real estate advice. The actor was forced to buy the crib so his buddy didn’t steal it out from under him.

The Biebs also spoke about being 18 now, and how he no longer is required to text his mother to let her know where he is since he is a legal adult.

He and Kutcher displayed a fun, big-bro, little-bro chemistry. A bromance, if you will. The Biebs revealed that he wanted to be on ‘Punk’d,’ which premieres tomorrow night at 10PM ET, since he has a prankster past.

He joked that he chose Taylor Swift as first target since “Taylor is such a sweet girl that I wanted to make her cry. She’s so sensitive!” The Biebs is a sassy little bugger, isn’t he? He makes all the girls cry, that’s for sure.

Kutcher revealed that the exhumed version of the “Gotcha!” show will be more like ‘SNL.’ He couldn’t host, since he lost too many friends last time.

Check out the clips, especially Part 3, where a speedo-wearing man nearly streaks across the stage, which felt like a prank that the show was playing on the dudes.

You know what they say about paybacks…

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