The last time we heard from DJ Khaled he released ‘I’m on One,’ a chart-topping get-money anthem of 2011. The Grammy-nominated single featured powerhouse rappers Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Drake. Now, the Miami DJ/producer ups the ante with another big song called ‘Take It to the Head’ featuring Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

Produced by the Runners, the midtempo banger has the all-star rap posse celebrating their success with alcohol and taking it “to the head.” “I’m in my zone / Damn near got my eyes close / One shot, two shots / I’m gone,” sings Breezy on the chorus, adding, “Now we gonna get f—ed up / No excuses, no apologies.”

DJ Khaled told XXL that when it comes to making anthemic hit songs, the creative process is all organic and not manufactured. “My records — and you can tell — are custom made. It ain’t like they’re off a beat CD,” he explains. “I come into this [studio] and we get together and great minds create these great records. It ain’t about ‘oh it’s a hot beat.’ Sometimes you can find them like that. But mine been mostly made and had a vision. Certain ways I want my drums, certain ways I want my hooks.”

Judging by the lush productions on ‘Take It to the Head,’ it sounds like DJ Khaled has another hit on his hands.

DJ Khaled’s new album ‘Kiss the Ring’ will hit stores later this year.

Listen to DJ Khaled, ‘Take It to the Head’ Feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

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