Justin Bieber appeared on ‘Bethenny,’ the shockingly entertaining talk show of Bethenny Frankel, a ‘Real Housewife of the New York City’ sort. She is a surprisingly engaging, frank and candid interviewer who gamely tried to yank more details out of the Biebs, who, while we love him, isn’t always the most frank and candid interviewee. During the appearance, he juggled lemons and met with fans who got through some tough life situations thanks to his music.

So what did Biebs reveal?

He shared that some label execs tried to tell him he should do a TV show, like on Nickelodeon. He was a legit singer and wanted to be taken seriously and nixed the small screen. No disrespect, Big Time Rush.

Bethenny asked the Biebs if he has ever been heartbroken or if he ever suffered from that feeling like you just might die of a broken heart. “To a small degree … not really. I am still young. There is a time for that. I hope I don’t die from a broken heart,” he said.

He again revealed that he wrote ‘Maria,’ which references the Mariah Yeater paternity scandal, to be shocking and because he wanted the chance to talk about how he was feeling. “I am able to explain my side of the story and put it in a song,” he said.

The subject of is Forbes cover and his businesses — he invests in start ups outside of the Bieber brand — came up. How does he choose what to throw cash at? “Things that I like, different apps. I am very into technology,” he said about what businesses he adds to his portfolio.

During the commercial break, he engaged in some one-handed juggling.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer meets a batch of Beliebers, and one can barely breathe. “Please don’t look at me,” she croaks out, and he cutely turns the other way. They tell their stories. One’s father left her, while another had brain surgery and listened to his music during MRIs.

Other nuggets? He’s bad at tennis, likes ping pong, sprayed fans with his new scent ‘Girlfriend’ and has five tattoos.

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