Justin Bieber might have indirectly helped sink Blackberry. Wait, what? Why?

Well, The Biebs offered to endorse the product for a small fee and 20 phones in its more fledgling days... And the company said no! So he indirectly may have had a part in the once-mighty company's recent troubles as it flounders in the smartphone market.

Whoa, right? When in doubt, blame it on Da Biebs.

Despite its former dominance in the marketplace, the company is now struggling and its shares are trading at their lowest right now, as the iPhone and other devices have exploded.

But before everyone and their assistant was outfitted with a BlackBerry, from rank and file employees to celebrities, The Biebs wanted to be a part of the marketing and was turned down. Can you say "Oops?"

In an oral history piece that traced the up and down arc of the company, people who worked in different roles in the company when it was at its apex shared their stories.

It was revealed that the teen sensation, who is directly connected to a young, plugged in and millennial fanbase via Twitter and Instagram (aka the target demo for digital companies) said, "Give me $200,000 and 20 devices and I'm your brand ambassador."

The idea was pitched to marketing, who said, "This kid is a fad. He's not going to last."

That could have been a fatal mistake.

While BlackBerry surged and then sank, having Bieber behind it from the get-go could have pushed it down a very different course. The company might be in a different situation today. The Biebs wields that kind of influence.