There is a first time for everything, like Justin Bieber performing 'Hold Tight' for the first time ever. He did so at the Dec. 4 stop of his global Believe Tour in Sydney, Australia.

Ignoring the Biebs' recent issues Down Under, we must point out that he delivered a heartfelt, emotional rendition of the song while wearing a red tank and black leather pants, along with fingerless black leather gloves and cherry red kicks.

The Aussie Beliebers served as a great batch of backup singers for the teen. They held tight to every word that tumbled from his mouth and sang along with him.

Things we're feeling besides the song and its lyrics? The pompadour. The headset. When he closes his eyes while singing. Yep, we dig Da Biebs.

When he closed out the performance, which saw him accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, he pointed out that he never sang the song live before.

The first time is the best! Beliebers, what did you think of this live rendition of a new Biebs song?