We're issuing a memo to Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun. It's time to step in, bro, and take charge of this situation. There's way too much negative publicity surrounding your boy, what with the blunts and the repeatedly pulled over Ferrari being driven by anyone and everyone but its owner. Now, his bodyguard is accused of threatening someone who took a photo of the Biebs on Sunday (Feb. 3) night. It's been all negative nonsense surrounding the normally squeaky clean teen.

The Biebs was reportedly shopping at a San Fernando Valley-area Best Buy when a fan approached him for a photo, reports TMZ. It was not a female Belieber under the age of 16, either. It was an adult male who isn't a paparazzo. Creepy!

Now the adult male, who doesn't fit the profile of a Belieber, says that someone in the singer's crew told him to delete the photo. It was intimidating enough and scared him enough to do so and to call the cops afterward.

The man thinks it was a bodyguard who told him to get rid of the pic, but he is not sure.

By the time the po po arrived, Bieber and his entourage had already left.

The incident is under investigation.

More importantly, though, where is Braun in all this? He is a visible manager, so much so that Beliebers are clearly aware of him. He knows that negative publicity of this sort leaves a stain. The Biebs is getting in a lot of trouble, hanging out with people who are getting into trouble, and it's rubbing off on him. And why is the Ferrari being treated so poorly? It's not like it's a Kia.

All Beliebers seeking photos should be treated the same, as well.

What a mess!

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