Selena Gomez supposedly gave Justin Bieber an ultimatum -- that he has to straighten up and chill with the bad behavior involving his cars and associates -- if they are to be together. The squeaky clean singer and actress was also said to be exerting a positive influence on her wild and wayward on-off BF.

Yeah, well, that seems to be a bunch of malarkey.


Well, photos of the twosome enjoying some fun in the sun at a Fourth of July party have surfaced, featuring The Biebs with a bottle of Dos Equis beer in hand, while Gomez stood beside him. So he's the most interesting Biebs in the world, like the commercials indicate.

Um, The Biebs is 19, you guys! You have to be 21 to legally drink in the U.S. So that's a big no-no. He's not only setting a bad example but he's breaking the law. Tsk tsk tsk.

The picture was taken at a house in the Hollywood Hills. Looks like quite a party with some star power in the form of Jelena. It also looks like another headache for The Biebs, as he's not supposed to be drinking. Like his mother Pattie Mallette, we're not naive to think that The Biebs is perfect and that he wouldn't indulge in some bevvies like most kids his age.

While we don't condone it, most teens and people under the age of 21 have tried beer before they were of legal age. It's just a reality of youth culture and even the college lifestyle. It's just different for Biebs since, well, he is hounded by paparazzi and has millions of fans who consider him a role model.