Justin Bieber has thrown his "roommates" aka hangers-on Lil Twist and Lil Za out of his Calabasas crib.

Rumor had it that his manager Scooter Braun wanted his client to clean house and boot the trouble-causing twosome from the mansion. Now, The Biebs finally has done so after jewelry was stolen from his home while they were there.

That's not to say that it was Twist and Za who had sticky fingers, but the theft reportedly occurred while they were on the premises.

Once the story broke, The Biebs posted an Instagram update reading, "Don't listen to em. I still got all my jewelry." It was then removed.

TMZ is adamant that jewelry was indeed lifted from the crib and that The Biebs was supremely angry when he discovered it was missing. Twist and Za were living in the abode and having parties, so they can be considered at fault or accountable, even if it wasn't they who removed the pieces. That's why The Biebs is so miffed.

Twist and Za were reportedly equally as pissed for being thrown out of the house. Who wouldn't be, though, after living in a maj pop star's mansion, rent-free, for months, driving and destroying his expensive cars with no punishment?

It was said that one of them issued a tweet about how someone made a big mistake, which many assumed was a coded message to Bieber.

These two have been nada but trouble for The Biebs. Time to remove these lil anchors from his neck. Replace 'em with some new swaggy jewelry.