Let's remember that Justin Bieber is a native Canadian and that hockey is the national pastime of our neighbors to the north, so it's no shock that the teen would want to see and touch the Stanley Cup which was won this season by the Chicago Blackhawks.

However, sports nuts went, well, cray cray over the fact that Le Biebs dared to pose with the trophy in the 'Hawks locker room.

The photos of the teen touching and posing with Lord Stanley's Cup landed on Twitter last night. There is a Hawks jersey with Bieber's name on the back hanging in the background, so clearly he was invited to see the vaunted trophy by the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

The Twitterverse went nuts over the image, with fans wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth, furious at Biebs for having the audacity put his grubby mitts on something so sacred and revered. They were appalled that he would stand on the logo (which is considered bad luck), as Hawks playoff star Andrew Shaw pointed out in a tweet:

You can get a closer view of the Justin Bieber mishap below.


People were also likely miffed because Biebs was seen sporting a Boston Bruins cap during the finals, and they were the opponent of the Blackhawks in the finals. They must see him as a frontrunner. He also sported Miami Heat attire during the playoffs, as well.


But the reaction is a bit extreme, no?

Below is a sample of hate tweets.

The Biebs also made some headlines since he peed in a bucket and all we have to say is hey, at least he didn't relieve himself in the Stanley Cup. Remember that schoolyard joke -- spell icup. I-C-U-P. At least that doesn't apply here on literal and figurative levels.