More legal drama for Justin Bieber!

The Biebs was almost arrested in Australia when airport authorities detained members of his entourage on suspicion of drug offenses and he began spouting off at a customs officer. He got mouthy and was quickly shut down by the cops.

Seriously, The Biebs and his people cannot stay out of trouble abroad. First, there was the graffiti problem. And now, this.

The Biebs and his crew were stopped by the Australian Federal Police upon flying into Brisbane International Airport for tour. Drug-sniffing dogs were all over their luggage and detected the scent of weed.

One of the crew members, 23, was caught with pot on his person. His name was not released but he must appear in court to face the charge of importing a border-controlled drug.

That doesn't sound good.

The Biebs was also slapped with a verbal warning after a "discussion" with a female customs officer. He refused to take off his hat and sunglasses during an inspection. He is said to have insulted her, which lead to an arrest threat if he didn’t simmer down.

The crew was detained for two hours and The Biebs finally went on his merry way, without being charged with anything despite the tongue lashing.

Regarding his earlier issues Down Under due to graffiti, Mayor Tom Tate has demanded that the QT Gold Coast Hotel remove the artwork left behind by The Biebs. He even wanted The Biebs himself to clean up the, uh, mess.

The powers-that-be have elected to cover it with black tarp so that it can't be removed, and so that it can be shielded and protected from the elements. The hotel loves The Biebs' art and wants to preserve it, despite the Mayor's demand to have it expunged.

Maybe it'll become a shrine to which Beliebers make a pilgrimage.