Lana Del Rey looked to the Bible, among other things, for inspiration for her 'Tropico' short film, in which she plays Eve and encounters Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and more, in addition to being an exotic dancer.

There's even a unicorn who appears while LDR cavorts with lambs and a scantily-clad Adam.

To say this film is rich with meaning and metaphor would be like saying Lana Del Rey has a nice (as opposed to utterly gorgeous) face.

It's just under 30 minutes and it's a three-part story that finds Del Rey shifting from the Garden of Eden to modern-day Los Angeles. She lets it rain, too.

The concepts of good vs. evil and swapping out beauty for money are the connective tissue, as are Del Rey's songs 'Body Electric,' which mentions some of the characters she encounters, 'Gods and Monsters' and 'Bel Air.'

There's a lot going on and we just gave you a bit of the framwork, but we will leave the rest to you to watch, enjoy and interpret. It's visually beautiful and possessed of a complicated narrative, especially during the sun-splashed ending.

You can enjoy the visuals or try and piece together the meaning, or both.

It's up to you. But we promise you won't ask for these 30 minutes back once you are done.