Just like Lady Gaga, his listmate on DoSomething.org’s ‘Celebs Gone Good‘ bill, Justin Bieber gifted fans with a new song for the holidays, albeit in a different format. The Biebs performed a brand new song called ‘Be Alright’ at the Massey Hall in his native Canada on Dec. 21 at his Home for the Holidays show. The song, which The Biebs performed while seated on a stool, is a bit more grown up (romantic-wise) and is in the same R&B ballad style that his mentor Usher is best known for. We could imagine Usher crooning this tune.

The Biebs’ voice has deepened considerably and his lyrics are more mature as he experiences the events of life as we know it, which informs his music. When he sings, “For you, I would walk a thousands miles,” it’s enough to make hearts melt.

The Biebs, wearing a slouchy beige beanie that pushes his signature bangs to the forefront of his head and a festive red and black flannel, managed to have the crowd singing along, too, even though it was a brand new song. He led them in the chorus and it sounded so sweet.

Sounds like The Biebs is going to have another hit on his hands.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform ‘Be Alright’