Lil Wayne‘s love for all-things sports is no secret. He blogs about sports for ESPN, he’s an avid bowler and he loves skateboarding. Over the Christmas holiday, the rap mogul launched his web video series called ‘Weezy’s Sports Corner.’ Every week, Wayne will offer his thoughts on various sports-related topics.

“This will be an unscripted show, unrehearsed show,” he says. “I’ll talk about whatever I want to talk about. I’ll talk freely. If they have guests, they can speak freely, and they can talk about whatever they want to talk about.”

“My love for sports started when I was zero years old. That’s means I was born a sports child,” Weezy adds. “It was mostly by the women in the family, like, my mom and my grandmother, they were just super sporty. They loved their teams, they loved football, they loved baseball, they loved basketball.”

Wayne also revealed his favorite sports teams in football (Green Bay Packers), basketball (Los Angeles Lakers), baseball (Boston Red Socks), hockey (Washington Capitals) and college basketball (Louisiana State University). On episode two of the seven-part series, the subject was the NBA, so he chatted with his good friend Chris Paul who recently was traded from New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Wayne covered a myriad of topics in sports including football, college basketball and skateboarding. At the end of the show (video No. 7), he expressed his compassion for the victims and families of the Penn State child sexual-abuse scandal. Weezy also announced that he will also be co-hosting an upcoming ESPN show called ‘The Sports Rap’ with Rob Parker and Jalen Rose. “I can’t wait to film that, it should be a blast,” he said.

You can watch episodes of ‘Weezy’s Sports Corner’ show at Derick

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