It was reported that Justin Bieber had rejected a plea deal in relation to his arrest in Miami. His lawyer has gone on record to say that the prosecution never offered them a deal to reject!

Jeez, we need a flow chart and a series of dry erase boards just to keep up with all these legal issues surrounding the singer.

Here's a quick recap to keep you current on the drama.

The Biebs was arrested in January and he was said to be driving under the influence and drag racing a rented Lamborghini, although tox reports and a GPS readout suggested otherwise, and he ended up being charged with resisting arrest and having an invalid driver's license.

Sources said The Biebs rejected a plea deal since he didn't want to submit to random drug tests, likely since weed and Xanax were found in his system that night, and that he didn't want any probationary terms.

His legal eagle Roy Black told RadarOnline that prosecutors offered no deal, so the team is moving right along, preparing for the trial, set for May 5.

"The state has not offered any plea deal. The judge asked in court yesterday if an offer had been extended and the prosecutor said no. All I can say is that the case is set for trial and we are preparing for it," Black said.

Perhaps the prosecution will work on a plea offer as the trial approaches. You never know. You'd think The Biebs would want to avoid a messy trial and the bad publicity that comes along with it.

Black confrmed that Biebs will be on site at the trial and joked, "But I can’t promise Selena Gomez will be there."

Zing! That sounds like a reference to both The Biebs' love life and his seemingly rekindled romance with the singer and actress and the fact that his client went thermonuclear when asked about his ex in the deposition for an unrelated lawsuit levied by a Miami photographer who claimed The Biebs' instructed his goon squad to rough him up!


Still with us? There you have it. The Biebs and his legal team did not reject a plea deal and a trial appears imminent.