For this week's edition of Hump Day Hip-Hop, the spotlight shines on J Dolla (stylized $j Dolla). Whether on the solo tip, a featured artist or chopping it up with his fellow No Goodaz teammates, he always leaves his mark. And how can you forget it every time you here: It's $j Dolla... HOLLA!!!

$j Dolla was born in Alaska, but moved with his family all along the West coast. The influence of Hip-Hop grabbed him  at a young age and was picked up by many of his peers and family.

He's spit flows with many different crews, but he's probably most known for being a member of No Goodaz. In fact, he was the genius behind their breakout single: Brown & Yellow'. Still an active member of NGZ, he's been featured on many different artists tracks as well (MC Viruz, Rez Pros, etc.).

He's currently working on a solo album which he plans on releasing following the second NGZ mixtape.

He released a single last week with friend, fellow NGZ team member and producer, Whyte Choc entitled 'No Time To Waste'.

Keep your ear to the street, because this is the year of the dollar... $j Dolla!!!