As we dive deeper and deeper into the new year, it was only right that Hump Day Hip-Hop returns. And what better way to ring it in then with Casper's own MC Viruz!!! Check out his bio:


MC Viruz began his hip hop career in 2005, along with DJ and friend DJ Delta-9, recording and putting numerous mix-tapes in circulation in and around the city of Casper Wyoming. He first began recording their product on "Max-ell" cassette tapes from a karaoke machine and after stepping foot into his first recording studio at Ray Town Studios in the Eastridge Mall in late 2006, he recorded his first pro track titled "Diggin On The D-L", to an Esham instrumental. Virus and Delta-9 drank insane amounts of Olde English '800' Malt Liquor, whose labels they used for CD inserts.

Later after splitting ways Delta -9, Viruz hooked up with Keith "Baby J" James and LT Streets with Top Tier/Beatdown Productions and began working on his debut album "Ghetto Gifted". He then decided to give his best friend a part on his track "Play Dead', which instantly became a parking lot/neighborhood hit around the state and Big Murda was born. Before releasing the album, Baby J had seen potential in MC Viruz and Big Murda's dark and often offensive hip hop material and decided to put them on an upcoming show with San Jose underground rapper Boogie Man. They completely stole the show!

Continuing on his grind, Virus teamed up with his homie Statik the Godfather and put him on every show he was involved with and soon formed the group Prescrxption. Later on, Biskit and DJ Funkway became additions to the group that made the Prescrxption much more potent.

MC Viruz has one solo release, "Ghetto Gifted", and one Prescrxption album, "Americas High". He is currently preparing to release a mix-tape FULL of local artist!

MC Viruz has recorded songs with San Jose mad man, Kung Fu Vampire, Detroits King Gordy (seen in the motion picture 8 mile) & Celph Titled of The Army Of The Pharaohs and Demigodz. He is also currently working with his group Prescrxption to release a new album titled "Cide FX" featuring a track with Lil Wyte and a hand full of of local artist.

MC Viruz will return to Casper, April 12th, 2014 to perform at Ring Wars at the industrial building.