After a short hiatus, our local spotlight, Hump Day Hip-Hop is back and shining bright on Statik. Having amassed quite the resume in a fairly short period of time, Statik has walked the stage with many of the underground leaders as well as some of the industry's heavy hitters, including but not limited to: Tech N9ne, Esham, Anybody Killa, Shawnna, The Game, Liquid Assassin, Krizz Kaliko, Brotha Lynch, Rittz, Paul Wall, Great White, The ROC, SCUM, Slo Pain, Kung Fu Vampire, Axe Murder Boyz, Yin Yang Twinz, DJ Unk, Baby Bash, Gray Skull, Doomzday, as well as being in the first 307 group to perform at the Gathering of Juggalos in 2011 and returning in 2013!!!

Peep his biography:

Statik started his stride towards a better life online with horrorcore music in 2006 with his first release, the Only if I'm Stoned EP. This album sparked his initial buzz, but is now out of print. The EP was basically directed at a specific group of people, and while pretty limited, was very well received. The fans from that era will never forget the outright demented style he brought to the table.

After 5 free Internet-exclusive albums including Exiled Child, The Malevolence, and Empty Pockets, Statik decided it was time to set out to do more. MC Viruz reached out to him and offered him his first live performance on Oct. 10th, 2008. After blowing the show away, he began working with Death Lab Productions and started crafting his first official non-internet mixtape. Underneathe the Underground was released under Death Lab Productions and soon after he was signed alongside MC Viruz's Ghetto Gifted. It was an instant cult classic. During this time he was conflicted with personal issues and drugs that forced him to choose between his emotions or his music. His emotions hit the chopping block.

Following that mixtape, Statik dropped his first official album, put together top to bottom, and named it Statik Attack, representing his then-frequent panic attacks. That album took two entire years to officially drop due to his work with Prescrxption and their album entitled "America's High." With their first group album, Statik, MC Viruz, Big Murda, and Biskit hit the mountain region hard, gaining new fans and spreading the new sound, Drug Music.

After two years of live shows featuring hits from "America's High" and "Statik Attack", he decided to break away into a solo career that as of late, has been blasting off. Currently, Statik has 4 projects in the mix. His major solo release which will make history, Slightly Sober LP was envisioned early 2013 and will release by the end of the year along with a Fairly Faded EP. He's also writing with PRx again, creating the next underground classic, Cide Effects EP. It will feature all 4 original members of Prescrxption along with the new addition of DJ Funk Sway. Finally, Statik and Fade are currently brainstorming a collaborative album featuring two of 307's best hip hop tongues, which is, for now, untitled.



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