Casper has always had strong roots in music and in a plethora of different genres. Outsiders are often shocked at how much local talent we actually possess when it comes to music. Such is the case with rapper, Andrew "Rage" Armstrong.

Rage recently released a new music video for his song titled, "Welcome Back".

I got a chance to chop it with Rage about the single, the video and his latest mixtape album. He stated:

The Welcome Back music video is the intro track to my new mixtape that just dropped Friday morning (February 11th, 2022), "The RAGE Inside Of Me". When I started writing it, I knew I wanted to make a full mixtape, and I hadn't written or released a song in a long time so I knew Welcome back had to be the first track. I didn't know what to write exactly, but it had to be me 100%, so I wrote what I thought.

First let's start with the beat, it was produced, along with many others from the mixtape, by Shuka4beats, the lyrics were written by RAGE (myself), the song was recorded mixed and mastered by Alphamatic.

The video was shot in my garage with the help of my kids working the lights. It was directed and shot by my wife, A.R.A. (Anastasia). The video was edited and produced in house by W.T.R. MUSIC (myself & Anastasia).


The RAGE Inside Of Me mixtape is available exclusively on YouTube on my channel Welcome To RAGE MUSIC.

The lyrics are little NSFW, but so is real life.

Make sure to subscribe to Rage's official YouTube Channel, Welcome To RAGE MUSIC and check out his new video below!

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