Wyoming's Hip-Hop underground has been multiplying since the early 2000s, but as far as local rap artists goes, Casper's own Osh From The Ghost has been putting in some serious work over the last few years.

Recently (January 25th, 2022), the rapper, born O'Shea Abeyta, released an awesome 2-part music video for both "Lights, Camera, Action" (featuring Rick Bliss) and "Mean Stroll".

I caught up with Osh to talk about the video, the production and his upcoming project. He stated:

"Lights, Camera, Action” was the first song recorded on the album VibeRant. The beat was built by Baby J from front to back and the song was written and recorded by myself and Rick in less than an hour from start to finish.
The inspiration for the video came from the chorus of the track, as well as just trying to fit the elements of normal hip hop visuals, from the female to the jewelry.

“Mean Stroll” came about for a desire to try new sounds. The dub step beat, mixed with abstract lyrics and sharp vocal tones are the evolution of my sound.
The video idea came as an afterthought while watching music videos. In a video style that artists like Kendrick Lamar had used, I meshed 2 songs to make one more abstract visual and to display the essence of a the “vibe” the project puts off as the lead single.

All the filming was done in one day in Casper, Wyoming, and was filmed, directed and edited by Dazid the Rapper . “Lights, camera, action “ was shot at and near my Casper residence and “Mean Stroll” was shot in an auto shop owned by local business owner Joseph Harvey of Harvey’s Industrial. Harvey provided all the vehicles, as well as an Audi that belonged to Jeffree Star when he moved to Casper.

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Osh from the Ghost’s fifth solo album “VibeRant” is due to release sometime early this month (February 2022), and will be available on all streaming platforms.

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