Hump Day Hip-Hop

Hump Day Hip-Hop: Heavvy Faith
Hump Day Hip-Hop is back for the first time in 2015 and this week's artist isn't a native of Wyoming, but a transplant. We welcome to the 307, Christian Rapper: Heavvy Faith.
Hump Day Hip-Hop: Bateen [VIDEO]
Hump Day Hip-Hop is back. But this week, we're stepping outside the Cowboy state and heading to the Golden State... sunny California and introduce you to Bateen.
Hump Day Hip-Hop: Ta$k [Local]
Hump Day Hip-Hop is back once again with the spotlight Ta$k. Hailing from Casper, Wyoming, Ta$k is an aspiring artist/producer. After years of free styling as a hobby, he landing his first professional gig at the young age of 18.
Hump Day Hip-Hop: $j Dolla [Local]
For this week's edition of Hump Day Hip-Hop, the spotlight shines on J Dolla (stylized $j Dolla). Whether on the solo tip, a featured artist or chopping it up with his fellow No Goodaz teammates, he always leaves his mark. And how can you forget it every time you here: It's $j Dolla... HOL…
Hump Day Hip-Hop: MC Viruz [Local]
As we dive deeper and deeper into the new year, it was only right that Hump Day Hip-Hop returns. And what better way to ring it in then with Casper's own MC Viruz!!! Check out his bio:
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
After a short hiatus, our local spotlight, Hump Day Hip-Hop is back and shining bright on Statik. Having amassed quite the resume in a fairly short period of time, Statik has walked the stage with many of the underground leaders as well as some of the industry's heavy hitters.
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
This week, we shine the spotlight on Eric Bushnell a.k.a. Philly Flamez. Born in Ohio, but raised all around the country, from Philadelphia to Albuquerque and now back in the 307, Philly brings his own brand of style and lyrics to the local Hip-Hop scene...
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
This week the spotlight is back in Casper and shinning bright on, Cody Hall a.k.a. AlpHaMatic. Alpha has been doing his thing with Hip-Hop for years now. He's been the opening act along with the rest of the pHormula for a plethora of artist, from the legendary KRS-One to west coast ri…
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
This week, the Hip-Hop light shines out of Wheatland, WY on Ray Ray, his CMR camp and his internet radio station Unsigned 99.9.
Peep his bio:
Raymond Wightman aka Ray Ray is the C.E.O./DJ/Producer of CMR (Convicted Music Records) & Unsigned 99.9 (...
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
We bring it back to Casper this week for the local spotlight and shine it on Doeboy and his Syndakit Ent family.
Here's some info on Doeboy and Syndakit Ent. right off their Wikipedia page:
Syndakit Ent. is a Wyoming rap group formed by 4 artist: Doeboy, R Dawg, Bigg Matt, & Sli…
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
This week we head to Cheyenne for your weekly dose of the cowboy state's best local Hip-Hop artists with Docta Mario, a Wyoming transplant from the dirty dirty (down south, Atlanta to be exact).
Docta Mario is more than just your average American Southern rapper out of Atlanta, Georgia, tha…
Hump Day Hip-Hop [Local]
The spotlight this week is on Casper's own No Goodaz. The NGz consist of songstress/rapper: Swagga Princess V (aka Veelo), lyrical technician: J Dolla,  rapper/engineer: DJ Whyte Choc and yours truly, scratch DJ/lyricist: DJ Nyke.
No Goodaz released their 1st mix-tape summer …

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