This week we head to Cheyenne for your weekly dose of the cowboy state's best local Hip-Hop artists with Docta Mario, a Wyoming transplant from the dirty dirty (down south, Atlanta to be exact).

Docta Mario is more than just your average American Southern rapper out of Atlanta, Georgia, that’s now residing in Wyoming, aiming to lead a Hip-Hop cult in the Rocky Mountain area. He is probably one of the best kept talents to come out of the south since missing teeth were being concealed with gold grills.
Coming from the era of Chevy Caprices with 20 inch rims, gold teeth, catfish, thick women and freaknik itself (The real Freaknik), Doc started developing his style of storytelling. He is heavily influenced by the lyrics of Outkast, Goodie Mob and Twista, forming the ability to change up styles at any given moment.
Mario has been travelling in between the states of Wyoming and Colorado intriguing crowds with his unique sound and performing alongside his group members known as WYC “The Chroniklez”. He is currently working on his first solo mixtape “The Weekender” and is continuing to rock the mic with his group members.
Docta continues to build up his fan base and collaborate with up and coming artist like himself to create a new and unique sound that the world is yet to hear. The party has begun and Doc will surely be there to introduce himself shortly to the audience at hand. Stay tuned.