We bring it back to Casper this week for the local spotlight and shine it on Doeboy and his Syndakit Ent family.

Here's some info on Doeboy and Syndakit Ent. right off their Wikipedia page:

Syndakit Ent. is a Wyoming rap group formed by 4 artist: Doeboy, R Dawg, Bigg Matt, & Slim Dogg. They have fellow Syndakit Ent. label mates: JazzyPhiz & Flyboy Riko. Syndakit was started in 2010, by Doeboy and Slim Dogg. They were later joined by R Dawg & Bigg Matt. They have an outstanding track record, w/ 3 albums, Untold Story (Doeboy, Solo Album) which had several street hits such as,"Pull The Blunt Out" "Currupted Youngtaz" & "Dope Game".."Dope Game remix" feat. some of Casper's Finest Artist "All of Syndakit, DJ Nyke, Half Dead & Addiction. the album was released -march 2010, and was the 1st album released under Syndakit Ent. Later Bigg Matt's Ep titled "Bigg Matt" w/ street hits "Shake it" "Party time" & "Ride till I Die" was released june 2010. The 3rd album "Syndakit Mixtape" w/ Street hits "Summer Jam" "Pawn Shop" "I Wish I Had More Time" "I25" & "Meth Life" was released oct. 2010 which had 18 tracks made up by all the Syndakit Ent. Artist. Since Syndakit began, they have performed at many shows and worked with world known artist such as Paul wall, Baby Bash, Afro Man, Esham, Any Body Killa, Axe Murder Boys, The Great White, San Quin, Perscription RX, & many more.