This week, the Hip-Hop light shines out of Wheatland, WY on Ray Ray, his CMR camp and his internet radio station Unsigned 99.9.

Convicted Music Records (logo),

Peep his bio:

Raymond Wightman aka Ray Ray is the C.E.O./DJ/Producer of CMR (Convicted Music Records) & Unsigned 99.9 (Internet Radio). Born and raised in Wyoming, originally coming from Sweetwater County (Rock Springs/Green River area). He has always had a passion for music. He was known to party, often freestyling, beatboxing and generally having a good time with friends and family. Ray Ray got heavily involved in drugs, both selling and using, from the tender age 14 to 18 and was in and out of trouble (jails, boy’s schools, probation revocations and rehab… not once, but twice). Ray Ray went to Job Corp between the ages of 16 and 18 and received his GED and also is Business Technology Certified. But at age 18, the drug use caught up again and he got in trouble for selling. Around this time (ages 18-21) he was spent time in jails, prison, prison boot camp and ISP. Finally, late 2007, he was a free man residing in Wheatland. He struggled with making ends meat, especially on a dishwasher’s pay. After getting a second chance at freedom, Ray Ray decided to call up an old friend by the name of Ronnie (aka BUG) who was also out of the correctional system and in the process of making a rap album. Around this point (2010) Convicted Music Records was born and BUG debuted his album. It was a phenomenal CD!  Then it was Ray Ray's turn, however he had sworn to never rap. Ray Ray eventually gave in and has since made 2 albums, with a 3rd set to drop summer 2013. Another one of his friends became involved as well, The Big Dogg (SonnyDOGG) who released his debut album as well. The last member of the CMR crew is the smooth female vocalist, ISSUES.  Be on the lookout for her upcoming music!

Since 2010, Ray Ray has accomplished a good status here in the 307 and always shows respect to every local artist, label and DJ. He has performed in many Wyoming shows, promoting, helping and caring for the “Wyo Music Genres”. He plans to take on other states in the future and continue his grind. He is cheap at pay, but awesome on stage… and all in all, a good friend to have!