With Halloween just around the corner, Ghostbusters is the perfect theme. The movies have spawned several different sequels, cartoons, toys, cosplay and fans all around the globe. One such fan is Casper's own, MC Viruz.

Mike "MC Viruz" Condelario has been a major part of the Casper Hip-Hop scene for a long time. Being a pioneer of the Horrorcore sound locally, it's no surprise his latest work of art would bring two of his passions together: rap music and Ghostbusters.

The Casper-born emcee and DJ now resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which is where he crafted this masterpiece of sound and video titled: "Something Strange".

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I got a chance to talk to Viruz about the project. He stated:

The video took a year in pre-production: props and costumes, location, scheduling, seeking out set decorations. Many of army surplus finds and going through 3 different Ecto 1s till I settled with the Zia Ghostbusters PT Cruiser. The Zia Ghostbusters are a charity whose visits sick kids in the hospitals and various other community stuff. I've actually joined them. We go to the Shriners Hospital next week. The beat was produced by Beetg33kz and the inspiration came from my love of hip hop. When I was a kid my mom used to buy me soundtracks to the movies I loved and in 1989 my mom ordered me the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack from Colombia House on them order sheets back in the day. The Doug E. Fresh track "Spirit" was my first time hearing Hip-Hop; dark beat, rhymes, beat-boxing, turntable scratches all on one song! I was sold. This was me paying homage to my Hip-Hop beginnings... and being a super fan, of course.

The track features DJ Ohm, who is the only DJ in New Mexico to ever advance in DMC World DJ Championships.

The video also co-stars his friend and partner-in-rhyme, JR "Big Murda" Keltz.

Some of the content and lyrics are NSFW, so this one is definitely for the adults, but if you're a fan of the Ghostbusters, you'll most definitely appreciate this. From the costumes, to the tech gear, to the set, to the awesome casting of Ghostbusters mousey-but-hot secretary, Janine, MC Viruz and crew did it right.

So without further ado, check out the full music video for "Something Strange" below.

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