A social media report that sounds like it could have been crafted by little monsters claims that Justin Bieber really isn't the King of Twitter after all. While the signer generated more Twitter interest than the Grammys and broke the Internet trying to stage a live chat, Socialbakers claims Lady Gaga still rules the Twitter roost because less of her followers are fake.

The Biebs has crossed 37 million followers and has the most on Twitter, cruising past Ma Monster a few months back.

The report lists nearly 17 million of those followers, or 45 percent, as being fake. The report counts 2.6 million of those accounts as inactive.

Fake accounts are designated by the following criteria: an account with less than one follower or following less than 50 people; the repeated use of spam phrases like "diet" and "work from home"; tweets repeated more than three times; when more than 90 percent of the tweets are just RTs; accounts with 90 percent of tweets being links and having a 7:1 follow ratio; or the account has never dispatched a tweet.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of the numbers, this report states that only 17.8 million of the Belieber followers are "good" while 19 million of Gaga's are "good," meaning she still reigns supreme of the Twitterverse...if you choose to believe this report.

Last year, a report surfaced indicating that most of Gaga's followers were fakes, too. #TeamBiebs. #TeamGaga. #BoringSocialMediaStats.

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