Justin Bieber's team is continuing their attempts at damage control after those photos of him smoking pot surfaced -- now by claiming they have a policy stating any photos you take at a party Justin Bieber attends automatically belong to Justin Bieber.

It's the law or something.

As sources told TMZ, Justin's people “routinely place a sign” in areas where the Biebs parties warning guests that all photos taken there become his property and his alone. We're sure that's totally legally binding (it's not legally binding), especially if you snap pics of him succumbing to peer pressure and smoking things they don't sell at your local convenience store.

In addition to signs telling guests to stay off the grass (so to speak) and not tap the glass, a security team is also in place to deal with any unforeseen situations that may arise. Except this time they seem to have caught a contact buzz and didn't notice someone taking photos of the Biebs and his new BFF Mary Jane.

Maybe the photographer just didn't notice the signs.