They're not quite besties or anything of the sort, but Justin Bieber has a friend and supporter in comedian and TV star Patton Oswalt. Wait, what?

While it would seem that the Biebs and his recent spate of legal issues would make him an easy target for comedians, one that could easily be incorporated into their routines, the funnyman actually approves of the singer's recent rash of bad behavior, which has gotten him arrested and tarnished his formerly squeaky-clean, swoopy-banged reputation.

Oswalt digs the rebellious nature of the Biebs, who recently posed as the ultimate rebel James Dean, since it shows kids that everyone messes up, some moreso than others.

"I'm glad that Justin Bieber's doing what he's doing," Oswalt replied when Rolling Stone asked about what chaps his a-- about music these days. "In a weird way, he's showing kids that you're supposed to rebel. He's just doing it on such a massive level, that I think it'll make other kids feel not as bad about their rebellion. They're like, 'Well, look, I'm not crashing Lamborghinis. I just got an embarrassing tattoo. No one's going to get hurt, I'm fine.'"

We're totally up what Oswalt is putting down, and yes, there was a little dig in there. Everyone rebels. Biebs just does it in front of the paparazzi so every move is magnified.

Oswalt also defended the antics of pop stars, saying they aren't that bad as role models, since the generations that look up to them survive. He said, "You know what? No. This is going to sound really weird. Maybe some of the stuff that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga sometimes do, I understand when people bring [it] up like, 'Oh, this might be damaging teens here.' But we had just as many damaging things sung and shown to us on MTV all through the '80s and we survived it. Not to sound callous, but the ones who didn't, they were probably were the ones who shouldn't have anyway. So I think we all need to overcome our bad influences. I'm glad that they're still out there."